My First Week as an Unemployed Bum!

JUNE 4th is HUG YOUR CAT DAY!!!!!  Hug your kitties!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Pudgenfluff lounging in my ‘nest’.  The kitties enjoy it as much as I do!


As you can see, I’m not the only bum in the house, the kitties are masters of doing nothing, but still having their every need, want, and desire taken care of. But I love them, and will continue to give them all they need and most of what they want, for as long as I have breath.  I am PROUD to be a Crazy Cat Lady!!!!

Jeremiah had to work Memorial Day, so I was home alone and got a few things done. I re-potted my tomatoes into their big pots, where they will produce beautiful and delicious tomatoes for our eating pleasure. (Well, we’ll see. I haven’t had a lot of luck with my tomatoes so far, but I’ve not given up!)  I did try something new this year. I took soda bottles, drilled holes in the lids, cut off the bottoms, and planted them in the pots with the plants for deeper watering. I hope this helps, since I’ve watered tomatoes with GALLONS of water in the past that just leaked out the bottom quickly, and then the plants would still become dry and brittle, or not produce much fruit. I saw this trick on Pinterest in several different places, so I’m trying it.

When I came in to get my seeds for salad greens, I found a boy lying by his favorite tool.

Fatticus love drill.

I’d left it there so I could get the outdoor work done before it got too hot, and he likes to cuddle with it whenever I leave it on the floor. I don’t understand, but I’ll share my cute and strange boy with you, in case you also find him amusing.

I also planted some new flowers in the window boxes on the porch railing, and the aforementioned salad greens, which have begun to sprout already! And marigolds, since you are supposed to plant them with your tomatoes, according to the interwebs. I finally had the opportunity to really clean the porch of all the leftover pollen that accumulated after the maintenance men power-washed everything in the spring. Now I don’t feel gross after leaning on the rails as I watch the plants grow.   I grilled some chicken and corn for dinner.

Tuesday was taken with a few errands, mainly getting my rings cleaned and inspected for the warranty, and going to the library. I LOVE the library. Ours is a really nice one, they did some addition/remodeling a few years ago, and it made it even better. I get books on CD for listening to in the car or while I’m working around the house to keep my mind awake and alert. I can’t really just sit and listen, because I fall asleep, but if I’m listening while cleaning, sewing, knitting, coloring, or other enterprise, I can stay awake and alert much better. Of course, I read regular books too. I like various fiction (currently fantasy) and nonfiction on a wide variety of subjects, though I tend to frequent cooking and handicrafts titles. I made chicken Pad Thai for dinner.

Wednesday and Thursday consisted mainly of rest, but I also have filled a large recycling bag with old school papers, catalogs, and other papers that I have kept ‘just in case’.  Getting rid of stuff feels so good. I also have a small box of things to take to Goodwill later. Most of my teaching supplies went to my fellow teachers who weren’t leaving, but those I kept needed somewhere to go. I’ve been working on that. When I brought these things home, I had lots of ideas for using them. I wish I’d written them down, because now I’m having a hard time remembering why the heck I kept these things! Well, I’ll figure out something, even if it’s the wrong thing. (Mother used to say that. I miss her.)

Friday I ran more errands. Still nothing particularly exciting, but I did go back to the library to return the book on CD I had just finished. I also found a book of short stories by George R.R. Martin that I’ve been waiting for. Jeremiah’s birthday is coming up, so I did a bit of looking around, and started thinking about Christmas for the rest of the family. When I got home, I put away the groceries and worked on the sorting and organizing. This is a tedious process, but I hope to find places for things or throw it out/ give to charity/ recycle a good deal of stuff that is clogging my life and my mind. I have a life to live, and I need more space to live it!

This weekend will be relaxing with Jeremiah and the kitties, plus a little tidying up.

Have a beautiful day, I hope to see you around again!


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  1. You’re first week sounds awfully productive, I’m jealous. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks! Though after working endless hours as a high school teacher, especially in the last month of school, I feel like I’ve done practically nothing. And it is wonderful!

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      1. Really enjoyed your blog btw


  2. I’m doing my tomatoes (as well as peppers, basil, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes) in haybales, as found on Pinterest, this year. So far, they seem to be doing well. I’ll let you know how it goes. – Trillium

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