Getting Along and Growing

Hello! I have been a lazy bum this week. Woot! I’ve cooked and done dishes and very basic household chores, but that’s about it. I’ve watched Netflix, played with my kitties, and read some books. I’ve also taken a lot of naps. Yay, naps!

The kitties are happy. Truffle is blending well into our family. He has been roaming freely all week, and all are getting along well! He and Belly play together with toys or chase each other around, and Fatticus and he do a lot of running after each other. Princess has been a little less keen on having a new brother, but she is no longer hiding or hissing, and last night the two of them were chasing the red bug (the laser pointer) together. I am really amazed that things have gone so well. Of course, Truffle is a very calm kitty, and our cats are used to having other cats around.

My garden is doing pretty well. The blueberries and strawberries are ripening, the lettuce is growing, the tomatoes are blossoming, and my flowers look pretty nice!


Aren’t they pretty? And the birds aren’t messing with them this year, thanks to my neighbor’s bird feeders!
Strawberry blossoms and a newly formed berry. These are super sweet, we’ve had a few already this year. Ozark Beauty.
A little hopper in the strawberries. High up in the hanging baskets!



Tomato blossoms! I have 4 varieties this year, The romas are always my favorites!
Lettuces! I planted two different mesclun mixes, should be ready in another week or so!
Lavender, one of my favorite herbs for the smell and the flavor!
Rosemary, for remembrance.
Siam basil, it has a hint of anise. It’s my first time having this, and I think we are learning to like it, it’s a fun new flavor!
Sweet basil flowers. I don’t usually let it get this far, but the little white flowers are so pretty, I can’t be too mad at myself.
And most important of all, catnip!  I give my babies fresh catnip each week as long as the plant is healthy, and I am able to keep it most of the year, though the summer always has the greatest abundance. I hope to get a dehydrator setup soon so I can save all my bounty more easily.

My sweet babies are lounging in the morning sunshine pouring through the windows of the sunroom, but I think they need to have their breakfast. I know I want mine. Plus, we have to get their Papa’s birthday and Father’s Day cards and gifts ready for him before he gets home this evening.  Have a beautiful weekend!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Storey says:

    Love! May hire you to take care of my plants. 😀 Lisa


    1. Aw, thanks! But your yard is so much bigger than my little balcony, I’m not sure I could do it justice. And isn’t that Ken’s favorite hobby? ;D


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