at chops and hops w the guys

Hello! I’m Amberly, welcome to my blog! I am a forty-something woman, wife, mother of kitties, and enjoyer of cooking, sewing, gardening, reading, and thinking. I don’t  expect to change the world, and tend to eat too much.

I am working part time in the fabric department of a craft store right now. I taught high school for three years, worked in libraries for ten years, did hair for eight years, and spent a good amount of time and money getting educated. I would like to work in education again, but teaching full-time was too stressful for my brain and body.

I currently have four beautiful kitties, and wish we had space and money for more. I will pet any animal that will let me, except spiders.  I don’t kill spiders, I just don’t pet them. I hope to one day have chickens, a dog or two, rabbits, and maybe some goats.  My husband isn’t sure about the chickens and goats.

Speaking of my husband, we married in April 2014 after six years of dating, and had a lovely small wedding with our families and friends attending. Our theme was Peacocks, in memory of my late mother, and I did much of the wedding myself, making paper flowers for the ceremony, dinner, and corsages/boutonnieres, along with my bouquet of brooches and buttons. If I hadn’t been a grad student working two jobs, I might’ve made my dress, but I had no time or patience for that.

We’re working on paying off medical bills and saving for a house, so we can have a real garden and more critters. We are both looking forward to having a space we can make fully our own. Without loud neighbors on the other side of the wall.

I hope you enjoy visiting, and that your day is shiny and bright.